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Emotikon is a German band located in Cologne. If you love catchy eurodance and synthwave, you've come to the right place! Three's a crowd: Tom Tron, Natalie Malladi-Rao and Jan Palkoska.

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YouTube -- http://www.youtube.com/user/EmotikonBand?feature=watch Twitter -- https://twitter.com/Emotikonband Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emotikon/285451648148676 CD Baby -- http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Emotikon

New music video out

Champagne is popping at Emotikon Headquarters: Our new single "Marty McFly" was released today. The original version - which is a Eurodance track - and the remix, an 8-bit style chiptune using original Commodore 64 sounds. Director Alex Hofmann shot a beautiful video. You can find it here on our new Youtube channel:


So which version do you like better? The original or the remix? ;)

New single to be released

Our new single, "Marty McFly", a nostalgic anthem to the heroes of our childhood, will be released on June 1st, 2018. You'll find the song on all the usual channels. It's our first song in our native language, German.

Unsere neue Single, "Marty McFly", eine Nostalgie-Hymne an die Helden unserer Kindheit, wird am 1. Juni 2018 veröffentlicht. Ihr werdet den Song auf allen üblichen Kanälen finden. Es ist unser erster Song auf Deutsch.

You can already listen to a quirky remix of the new song on Soundcloud now:

Ihr könnt einen skurrilen Remix des Songs heute schon hier hören:


Third studio album in the works

Drummer Jan Palkoska, who joined us as a live musician last year, was made an official band member. Welcome, Gianni! And we started working on a new album right away, this time basing the songs on drum loops and rhythms that Jan created. We're trying to evolve our style, and just like "Two of A Kind" differed from the debut "Emotikon", the new album will deliver some fresh twists and turns. Listen to Jan explaining our plans in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video:

New music video released

We're proud to present our new music video. The song "Die Alone" is from our current album "Two of A Kind". The video is based on a short film directed by Daniel Farkas at Internationale Filmschule Köln IFS. We hope you enjoy the romantic, yet ill-fated, love story between man and machine.

Videos from Electri_city Conference

We opened for Heaven 17 on October 29th, 2015, at the Zakk in Düsseldorf and here's proof. Enjoy! ^_^ We had a great time. Big thanks to a patient audience and a fantastically supportive stage crew!

"Two Of A Kind" released

It's November 13th and we're proud to announce the official release of our new album, distributed by Timezone records. Thanks a lot to all who helped us with the project, it has been a thrilling experience! Please hit the STORE button for more information. Enjoy!

Danke Düsseldorf!

We had a great time last Thursday, opening an evening for HEAVEN 17 at Zakk Düsseldorf. It was an honour to share a stage (and a bottle of vodka) with such legends. Big thanks to the audience who treated us very nicely and also to the Zakk's excellent tech team!

Listen to the new album

For all the regular visitors of our site, we have a little surprise: You'll find the complete new album "Two Of A Kind" ready for streaming in the music player widget on the left side of the page. Available as digital download and on CD from Oct, 30th. Enjoy! How do you like it? Drop us a line!

Record Deal In Place

We're happy to announce that Emotikon signed with Timezone Records, one of the most acclaimed German indie labels. Timezone will release our new album, "Two Of A Kind" on CD and digitally at the end of October. We're looking forward to a great collaboration.

Emotikon opening for Heaven 17 @ Electri_city Conference

October 29th to 31th, 2015 will see a unique event in Düsseldorf, Germany: "Electri_city Conference", a gathering of academics and music fans to discuss the influence of bands from that area on the music industry. Acts like Kraftwerk, Neu!, Harmonia, Propaganda and DAF turned the pop world upside down in the late 70s and early 80s and influenced generations to come. Organizer Rudi Esch (Die Krupps) has assembled an impressive line-up of speakers for the event, ranging from Rusty Egan (Visage) to Peter Hook (New Order) and Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire). Check out the program:


We're especially honored to have been selected as a support act for synthpop legends Heaven 17, one of our main influences, on the evening of the 29th. Our 45 min. gig will have us playing most songs from our upcoming new album.

Preparing the new album

Friends, we haven't been idle. Since our last post we have: a) mastered and finished the new album (11 tracks, fresh, fun, funky, silly, pondering, depressing, a little bit of everything), b) searched for a label to release it (no decision yet, though), c) scored a major gig for October in Electri_city aka Düsseldorf (where the band was originally founded) and d) cast drummers, since we think a live percussionist would add to the experience. Oh yes and we're e) working on the album cover with two excellent painters. You'll see something soon!

Our night at the MTC

We had a great night at the MTC club in Cologne - thanks to everybody who showed up and rooted for us! We played 5 songs, competing with 5 other bands in the SPH band contest (which was very well organized and definitely comes recommended). Lilian Mann was with us on the cello and we had a lot of fun.

New live show coming up

We'll be playing the MTC club in Cologne on March 20th, so if you missed our very first gig in February, make sure to show up. We'll be competing with some other local bands, so you'll get a lot for your money. We'll be playing a new version of our song "The End of the World" on the 20th, so there'll be new stuff even if you went to the February show. For more info, click on the "calendar" tab. See you there!

Yay! We've played our first gig

We did it! EMOTIKON went on stage for the first time on February 6, 2015. We played a 6 track set at the Emergenza band contest and it was a great experience. Thanks a lot to all fans who came to support us. You can find a video excerpt of the performance below. Emergenza's concert review page compared us to '80's cult acts Ultravox and Sandra (quite flattering) and Blue System (a little less flattering). ;) Synthpop for the win! We're now preparing for our next gig in March. More infos on that will follow soon.

New album preview

Here's the first chance to listen to a few new songs from the upcoming album. We hope our little "sneak peek" gives you a good impression of what's to come.

2015 is here!

Happy New Year to everyone from Natalie and Tom. We haven't been idle during the holidays. The first mix of the new album is done - current playing time is 41:14 for all 11 songs. It will be a while till we can publish it, though. We have to focus on our live gigs first, starting Feb 06 at the Underground club in Cologne. We managed to get a rehearsal room and received necessary stuff like cables as Christmas presents. 2015 has a lot in store for us, and also for you, we hope! Enjoy this new year and have a great time. xoxoxox

First live gig announced - tickets available

EMOTIKON are finally hitting the stage. We will play our first live gig, supported by cello player Lilian Mann, on February 6, 2015 at the "Underground" club in Cologne, Germany. We'll present brand-new songs from the forthcoming second studio album, so if you're curious, make sure you show up!

As we're featured in the Emergenza band contest, we'll be pitted against other bands this evening. It means you'll get a lot of bang for your bucks, but it also means we'll depend on your support - dancing and cheering and hollering and all that. Be there or be square!

Tickets are available exclusively via the following link:


Recordings for new album finished

Back in the studio!

Today the recording of the new Emotikon album has started. We've returned to Spacelab Studios near Düsseldorf to give birth to 12 brand new songs. Within the next two weeks, vocals as well as solo instruments (saxophone, cello and flute) will be recorded. Christian "Moschus" Moos is our engineer once again and we're having a great time. We'll post pictures on Facebook and Twitter so you can see how we're progressing. We're also shooting a making-of documentary which will be available soon on our Youtube channel.

On Twitter now

We've got a lot of followers on Facebook but we understand many, many people are really not into that platform. To offer you an alternative to get news and pictures, we've rebooted our twitter account. So if Twitter is your thing, we'd be happy if you add us.


Hello, Natalie!

We're proud to introduce Natalie Malladi-Rao as the band's new singer. She was born and raised in Germany but her parents hail from Hyderabad in Southern India. Nat is from the Cologne area where the band relocated last year. Her experience and talent will take EMOTIKON to the next level... we hope you like her new black and white portrait above!

Singer leaves, band to be rebooted

With a heavy heart we announce that Mine Voss, EMOTIKON's co-founder and singer, has left the band. She's currently working overseas and her occupational duties leave her no time to engange in the group's activities. EMOTIKON will continue to exist, though: There's a new singer standing ready to carry the torch, and we'll introduce her to you soon!

New album in the works

Work has commenced on our second, still untitled studio album. We've finished composing six new songs, with another six on the way. We're eyeing November for studio recordings. Keen to top our debut, we'll be firing on all cylinders in every department. Despite implementing more instrumental parts played by real soloists (not just cello, but also flutes and saxophones this time), we'll remain an electro pop band. More external gear is being used in production, mainly old synthesizers and drum machines from the 80s and early 90s. The songwriting approach is leaning more towards a more modern, house-inspired style, groovier, funkier and with more swing, but there'll also be some aethereal ballads. Check back here for news soon.

At the movies, part 2

It was just announced that horror movie "tape_13", directed by famed German actor Axel Stein, will have its premiere at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival. It was selected for the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section, which is an honor, really. It makes up especially proud since some of our songs were picked for the film's soundtrack. If you want to see the film and hear our work (and maybe meet us), save this date: February 11, at 11 p.m. at the CineStar theatre Potsdamer Platz. ^_^

The new album - on CD

Hi all, finally we managed to release the "Remixes" album on good old-fashioned compact disc. It took us some time to get a grip on the new publishing methods offered by Amazons's "CreateSpace" service. But here it is, in gloriuous black-and-white-and...-red! Featuring a booklet with manga art by our favorite draughtsman, p.A.T.T.T.y., and photos by Cana Yilmaz, our snapshot go-to woman.

Click here to take a look:


Enjoy the album! We prefer the CD version for superior sound quality - MP3 just doesn't do the trick. If you get it, let us know how you like it.

Emotikon at the movies

In July we inked a deal with Munich-based film production company Rat Pack Films to contribute a few songs to the soundtrack to their upcoming release "Tape13". It's a found footage horror film and we're proud to be part of the project. This is our first movie soundtrack. So excited! Here's the first trailer, which was released today.

Pop the champagne!

After one year of chopping, changing, tweaking, editing - the new album is finally done. "Remixes" presents 10 of our songs in a new design. We're exploring all kinds of musical genres and invite you to join us on the trip.

A CD version of the album will be out by the end of November. If you prefer digital downloads anyway, you can get the album right now, right here:


Best deal is directly at our friends at CDBaby, where the album is just $4.99.


Also on all Amazon platforms as MP3 download.

Enjoy and let us know what you're thinking!

"Remixes" album on Soundcloud

We just uploaded the other 5 remixes to SoundCloud. Have fun listening and let us know what you're thinking!


One week to go...

As the first online store, Amazon has listed our new album today.


"REMIXES" will be available on all digital platforms, including, of course, iTunes.

There will also be a CD release - just wait for October 1st! ^_^

The first remixes are here

We uploaded the first five tracks from the album to SoundCloud today. Enjoy!


New album to preview on SoundCloud

"Remixes" is only 3 weeks away now and the anticipation is growing. Yet you don't have to wait till Oct 1st to hear the new songs - we'll release the album on SoundCloud eleven days from now on Sept 22nd, so you can listen to them for free. It will also be on Radio Airplay soon!

"Remixes" album coming your way

We took 10 of our 12 existing songs and turned them on their heads. Synthpop tunes were transformed into laid-back bossa nova, pumping French house or gritty rock tunes. We're curious if you'll want to follow us on this adventure. Available from Oct 1st on CD via Amazon and on all digital download platforms via CDbaby. You'll hear free previews soon!

Here we go!

Hi all, our homepage finally went online. So far we've focussed on updating fans via FaceBook, but we understand that many people who like our music don't like that particular site. This is why we created an old-fashioned site for all of you. Make sure to check back here from time to time to receive news and updates.

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