Who we are

Emotikon is a German band located in Cologne. If you love catchy eurodance and synthwave, you've come to the right place! Three's a crowd: Tom Tron, Natalie Malladi-Rao and Jan Palkoska.


New music video out 

Im Emotikon-HQ knallen die Sektkorken: Unsere neue Single "Marty McFly" ist seit heute draußen. Das Original (ein Eurodance Track) und ein Chiptune-Remix mit C64-sounds. Regisseur Alex Hofmann hat uns ein tolles VIdeo gedreht.

Champagne is popping at Emotikon Headquarters: Our new single "Marty McFly" was released today. The original version - which is a Eurodance track - and the remix, an 8-bit style chiptune using original Commodore 64 sounds. Director Alex Hofmann shot a beautiful video. You can find…

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New single to be released 

Our new single, "Marty McFly", a nostalgic anthem to the heroes of our childhood, will be released on June 1st, 2018. You'll find the song on all the usual channels. It's our first song in our native language, German.

Unsere neue Single, "Marty McFly", eine Nostalgie-Hymne an die Helden unserer Kindheit, wird am 1. Juni 2018 veröffentlicht. Ihr werdet den Song auf allen üblichen Kanälen finden. Es ist unser erster Song auf Deutsch.

You can already listen to a quirky remix of the new song on Soundcloud…

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Third studio album in the works 

Drummer Jan Palkoska, who joined us as a live musician last year, was made an official band member. Welcome, Gianni! And we started working on a new album right away, this time basing the songs on drum loops and rhythms that Jan created. We're trying to evolve our style, and just like "Two of A Kind" differed from the debut "Emotikon", the new album will deliver some fresh twists and turns. Listen to Jan explaining our plans in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video:

New music video released 

We're proud to present our new music video. The song "Die Alone" is from our current album "Two of A Kind". The video is based on a short film directed by Daniel Farkas at Internationale Filmschule Köln IFS. We hope you enjoy the romantic, yet ill-fated, love story between man and machine.

"Two Of A Kind" released 

It's November 13th and we're proud to announce the official release of our new album, distributed by Timezone records. Thanks a lot to all who helped us with the project, it has been a thrilling experience!

Digital download on iTunes:


CD via Amazon:


Danke Düsseldorf! 

We had a great time last Thursday, opening an evening for HEAVEN 17 at Zakk Düsseldorf. It was an honour to share a stage (and a bottle of vodka) with such legends. Big thanks to the audience who treated us very nicely and also to the Zakk's excellent tech team!

Listen to the new album 

For all the regular visitors of our site, we have a little surprise: You'll find the complete new album "Two Of A Kind" ready for streaming in the music player widget on the left side of the page. Enjoy! How do you like it? Drop us a line!

Record Deal In Place 

We're happy to announce that Emotikon signed with Timezone Records, one of the most acclaimed German indie labels. Timezone will release our new album, "Two Of A Kind" on CD and digitally at the end of October. We're looking forward to a great collaboration.

Emotikon opening for Heaven 17 @ Electri_city Conference 

October 29th to 31th, 2015 will see a unique event in Düsseldorf, Germany: "Electri_city Conference", a gathering of academics and music fans to discuss the influence of bands from that area on the music industry. Acts like Kraftwerk, Neu!, Harmonia, Propaganda and DAF turned the pop world upside down in the late 70s and early 80s and influenced generations to come. Organizer Rudi Esch (Die Krupps) has assembled an impressive line-up of speakers for the event, ranging from Rusty Egan (Visage) to Peter…

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